Corona Solutions Offers Scheduled Patrol Performance Reports

Denver, CO: Corona Solutions has announced a new service offering to deliver regular reporting of an agency’s key performance indicators.  Since 1995, the company has been offering software tools to assist law-enforcement agencies with the complex task of scheduling their patrol officers.

The new service, Deploy Plus, provides periodic delivery (quarterly or biannually) of attractive and professional reports that focus on patrol service performance.  These reports show, at a birds-eye level, how well the agency is meeting the demands of their citizens.  Reports include the basics such as historical response times, but also a summary of how patrol officers’ time was spent.  It’s important to see exactly how officers’ time was divided between calls for service from the community, administrative activities, and proactive work. The Deploy Plus report will include charts showing how much time was taken in each category, but also will identify the number and types of calls that consumed this time.

Also included in the report is an analysis of the current patrol schedule.  It may recommend changes of staffing levels to the current schedule or a modified schedule that better matches variations in the demand for service.  Statistics will be compared between reporting intervals to show trends in these key performance indicators so it becomes much easier for management to spot problems sooner or to show a continued effort for improvement in their community.

“Most agencies only analyze and change their schedule once every few years and those changes are often made by gut instinct. Since Deploy Plus includes comprehensive analysis multiple times per year, agencies can be confident that they are making changes based on the most accurate data available. Deploy Plus is like a finger on the pulse of the service level to your community.” -Dan Harris, President of Corona Solutions

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