Georgetown Police Department (MA) Reduces Personnel Scheduling Demands by 30% After Implementing Aladtec

Boston, MA - Public Safety Agencies often work within tight budget constraints, yet they must keep up with technological advances to assure their departments run as efficiently and as effectively as possible.  It’s a win-win for agencies when they find a software solution which not only provides these advancements, but is also affordable.

“Previously we used a spreadsheet and paper for scheduling staff.  Other administrative procedures were done manually as well.  Since implementing Aladtec for our workforce management needs, we have virtually eliminated all mistakes in scheduling and double booking of our personnel.  I took a look at several companies but Aladtec was extremely affordable and much more engaging for our needs,” explains Donald C. Cudmore, Chief of Police, Georgetown Police Department, Georgetown, MA.  “A municipal government operation of our size consistently wrestles with funding.  Having the ability to change or reduce our services without a long term contract was very attractive.”

Aladtec specializes in assisting organizations with complex scheduling requirements.  In addition, the system offers a wide range of workforce management tools which automates error-prone mundane tasks.

Aladtec benefits include:

• Tracking Licensing and Certifications: Automated reminders for approaching expiration dates or needed licensing.

• Monitoring Operations: Access and change your schedule, view employee info and credentials 24/7 from any computer, smart phone or other mobile device with Internet.

• Saving Time & Money: Automate and manage employee time off, sign-up and trade requests which saves money in unplanned overtime and scheduling man hours.

• Improving Communications: Send instant messages, texts or emails to fill your schedule or update staff immediately.

“It has reduced our scheduling demands by at least 30% on average, not to mention all the time saved on other workforce management tasks.  I am very pleased with this product - and the customer service is outstanding.  Aladtec absolutely beats the competition,” concludes Chief Cudmore.

About Georgetown Police Department:

 Located about 30 miles north of Boston, this law enforcement agency has 30 personnel dedicated to serving their community of nearly 9,000 residents.  Their primary mission is to enforce the laws of society, maintain order within the community, protect life and property, and to assist the public at large in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity of all persons as provided for by the law under the constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

About Aladtec:

They proudly provide online employee scheduling and workforce management software to over 1,400 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency.  For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free trial, please visit .

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