Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Selects Kronos for Fast Payback and Operational Efficiencies

CHELMSFORD, Mass. — California’s Monterey County Sheriff’s Office selected an integrated suite of workforce management solutions from Kronos Incorporated to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

News Facts
• Monterey County Sheriff’s office selected Kronos time and attendance and TeleStaff™ applications, as well as the revolutionary new Kronos® InTouch™ time clock. Kronos will primarily help the office operate more effectively by optimizing resource utilization and improving employee morale through an automated and equitable scheduling system. The medical center of the county was already implementing Kronos, and based on results achieved in that unit, the sheriff’s office chose to replace its manual processes with Kronos to achieve fast payback and operational efficiencies.

• Among many benefits, Kronos will help Monterey County Sheriff’s office accurately align staff to demand. This will fill a critical need, particularly in mission-critical jobs in public safety. The Kronos TeleStaff solution will also address unique public safety requirements such as shift, post, and event scheduling. Additionally, the Kronos solution will create schedules while taking into consideration complex federal, state, and union laws and regulations, as pay rules are supported automatically within the solution.

• Accuracy in time and attendance data collection and payroll processing with Kronos will also help minimize errors leading to unnecessary overtime payments. Kronos will play an important role in the tracking of labor costs to specific projects. Precise accounting of labor hours and associated costs by job or project will help the office further expedite the federal reimbursement and grant-seeking process.

• By implementing next generation workforce management solutions from Kronos, Monterey County Sheriff’s office will more effectively balance employee satisfaction with operational efficiencies. For example, the Kronos InTouch time clock will enable employees to check accrual balances, request time off, and view schedules – all in real-time – while preventing employees from clocking in or out outside scheduled start and stop times. Through biometric technology, Kronos will help prevent buddy punching, the costly act of employees punching in for one another.

Supporting Quotes
Scott K. Miller, sheriff-coroner, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office
“All governments today are facing fiscal challenges and will need to more effectively manage labor costs, as it accounts for a significant portion of all operational expenses. For this reason, we selected Kronos. Through real-time visibility into labor data, Kronos will help us allocate our resources more effectively and efficiently, and the time and money saved can be applied to improving public safety, our biggest priority.”

Christine Carmichael, director, public sector practice group, Kronos
“While government entities are slowly digging out from one of the most significant budget crises in history, we are witnessing an increased focus on workforce management for improved efficiencies. Progressive government departments such as Monterey County Sheriff’s office are now looking at optimizing labor as an effective way to preserve budget dollars that fuel jobs and programs.”

About Kronos Incoporated
Kronos is the global leader in workforce management solutions that enable organizations to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. Tens of thousands of organizations in 100 countries — including more than half of the Fortune 1000® — use Kronos time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, HR and payroll, hiring, and labor analytics applications. To learn how Kronos uniquely delivers complete automation and high-quality information in an easy-to-use solution, visit

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