PDSI Announce Numerous Successful TeleStaff Implementations, Many New Customers, and a New Mobile Feature

Irvine, Calif. – Principal Decision Systems International (PDSI), the developer of TeleStaff, announces today that it kicked off 2011 with a remarkable first quarter by successfully implementing 15 customers, welcoming 10 new customers, and unveiling a new mobile feature for TeleStaff.

“Our ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction and workforce scheduling expertise in the public safety and utility markets has enabled us to deploy a comprehensive range of implementation services, all centered on our accelerated deployment methodology, for these customers,” stated Martha Strittmater, PDSI Director of Customer Services. “Our commitment of ongoing support for our customers ensures that they will maximize their investment in TeleStaff for many years to come.”

In addition to the successful implementations, PDSI added 10 new TeleStaff customers to its roster. “With the increased emphasis on process improvement and enhancing cost-efficiency within the public sector and utility markets, we are pleased to offer our expertise, patented technology solutions, proven implementation processes, and exceptional technical support services to our customers as they seek to improve work processes and strengthen their fiscal environments,” stated PDSI President, Greg Ekstrom.

PDSI also recently announced the release of a mobile feature available at no extra cost to customers. The new feature provides users access to powerful TeleStaff functionality via predominate mobile devices enabling them to manage scheduling tasks anytime, anywhere.

Currently, TeleStaff supports nearly 600 public safety and utilities customers in North America. Through patented scheduling technology capable of incorporating rules and procedures, TeleStaff streamlines scheduling organization-wide, while controlling costs and ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements, labor laws, and other organization policies. Other features include built-in communication capabilities and self-service employee access. For information about TeleStaff or to schedule an online demonstration, contact TeleStaff’s Sales Department at (800) 850-7374.

About PDSI

Principal Decision Systems International (PDSI) is a recognized leader in workforce management solutions. The company's products merge advanced employee scheduling and time management automation with communication capabilities enabling organizations to optimize staffing, manage outbound and inbound communications, streamline routine workflow, control labor costs, and comply with regulatory policies. Hundreds of organizations in the United States and Canada rely on PDSI solutions to help drive increased operational efficiency and workforce productivity. The company's headquarters are located in Irvine, California. For more information, visit www.pdsi-software.com, www.telestaff.com or www.utilityscheduling.com.

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