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Lightweight Tactical Headset - CobraPLUS is Launched

TEA CobraPLUS The Modular Cobra headset system (designated RA3185) developed and produced by Racal Acoustics has been enhanced to increase its flexibility and versatility. With a new method of fixing the headset to the user, comfort, stability and range of application have been greatly increased.

Modular Cobra has been deployed by many forces worldwide operating in a wide variety of roles, in a wide range of climatic environments. Such is the flexibility and reliability of the headset system the total sales of the headset has now reached many thousands units.

The basic principle behind the headset is a highly reliable and rugged earphone and noise cancelling microphone both mounted on flexible boom arms, this allows their flexible positioning to the users mouth and ear. This very lightweight headset down-lead cable can be attached to a variety of Press-To-Talk (PTT) switches including single in-line, dual in-line for use with dual radio sources, palm and finger operated switches. With the ingenious T-piece connector system on the Modular Cobra it is possible to connect the headset to respirator microphones, or a combination of palm, finger and in-line switches. Integration of the headset to most radio systems is easy to accomplish with a range of high quality audio components available. Mechanical termination of the headset can be adapted to suit specific applications.


CobraPLUS is the new method of attaching the headset to the user. By simply opening the ear cushion kit and inserting the headset assembly, the product becomes ultra stable and highly comfortable - even when used in the most arduous of operational situations. The ear cushion kit provides the user the option of configuring the headset to be worn on either the left or right ear. Two inserts for the headset provide the user the ability to completely cover the headset to enable the communications to be better heard in low noise environments. When working in a forward tactical role this also minimises the communications leaking from the headset. The open ring provides a neat mechanism for allowing the correct and speedy position of an external hearing defender or addition communication headset incorporating Passive or Active Noise Reduction such as Racal's RA5000 Raptor headset.

A key benefit of the Modular Cobra System is the level of local situational awareness that can be achieved; greater than any comparative headset that completely occludes [cover] the ear. With the ear-cushion kit this benefit still holds true, when the headset is worn with either the open ring or without any insert - maximum situation awareness is assured.

Neal Muggleton, Lightweight Headset Product Manager for Racal Acoustics commented "CobraPLUS is created when you take a Cobra headset and mount it within the ear cushion kit. It is compatible with all Cobra headsets; even the original RA185 Cobra can be mounted. Initial user evaluations have confirmed that CobraPLUS is more stable and is the preferred choice for a tactical headset" he continued "the versatility of the headset allows the user to configure it as per the specific mission requirements; it can then be reconfigured for different operations as required. This essentially provides the user with a single multi-use headset, a 3 in 1 headset if you like - reducing the total procurement costs for the tactical communication ancillaries "

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