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TEA Headsets Launches New Website with INVISIO M3 Promo

BREWSTER, N.Y. - With the release of their new website, TEA will also have a limited time offer that includes a free INVISIO® M15 Body Push-to-Talk switch with the purchase of one of their most popular products, the INVISIO® M3 Standard In-Ear Bone Conduction Headset ($300 in savings).

The INVISIO® M3 has been in use by law enforcement and military teams for almost a decade. What makes the M3 unique is its size and performance, especially in high-noise environments. The M3 is available in right or left ear versions.

The INVISIO® M15 Body Push-to-Talk is a 2” PTT with a protection ring that prevents hot mic and also has a rotating back clip for secure attachment to your tactical vest. The M15 can be configured to work with practically any 2-way radio such as PRC 148/152/117G as well as Motorola XTS radios.

Find more information on the INVISIO® or contact a TEA Team member directly.

About TEA Headsets™
TEA is an ISO Certified Company that manufactures and sells audio communication products for 2-way radios, vehicle intercom systems and mobile phones. For more than 40 years TEA has provided the highest quality of tactical headsets and products for the DoD, DoJ and various public safety and law enforcement agencies. With the motto of "I Heard You The First Time…®" TEA goes to every effort to make sure your communications allow you to "Speak Anywhere and Hear Everything". TEA offers a free 30-day evaluation program for almost all of their products. For more information visit TEAheadsets.com.

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