SHOT Show 2012: Women's tactical apparel from Blackhawk!

Being a woman in law enforcement, I find it difficult to find clothing that fits the demands of the profession. The majority of the time I am stuck with having to wear tactical clothes designed for men. Often times, these clothes are ill-fitting, unflattering, and don’t support the tools of the trade.

Let’s face it, we are built differently than men and need tactical clothes to accommodate our unique frames.

During my visit to SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas, I talked at length with Bruce Ruddock — product marketing manager of Blackhawk! — about a new line of tactical clothing manufactured to meet the needs of warrior women. The Women’s Lightweight Tactical Pants have numerous features that make these pants a must. They are made of a durable polyester/cotton blend that is wrinkle, fade and stain-resistant.

Ladies, if you’re looking for comfort and functionality, then check out the new line from Blackhawk!. (PoliceOne Image)
Ladies, if you’re looking for comfort and functionality, then check out the new line from Blackhawk!. (PoliceOne Image)

Made for Women
These pants are not smaller versions of the men’s line, but rather tailor-made and built for women’s hips. The pant sizes are modeled after the men’s sizing chart but that is about all that is similar to their male counterparts. The inseams run in 31-inch and 35-inch lengths and will have to be tailored to fit your length. Once the product line gets rolling, other sizes will be available.

Another unique feature is the silicone grip strip in the waistband which allows the shirt to be tucked in without riding up. In addition, the waistband is expandable to allow for easier fit. There are numerous pockets throughout to conceal the necessities.

There is also the Women’s Off-duty Pants which is perfect for undercover or plainclothes assignments. These pants are made from 100 percent nylon and have much of the same features as the Tactical Pants to maintain functionality. The belt loops are reinforced and sturdy enough for carrying a weapon and extra magazines. These pants are a mid-rise design for added stability and alignment.

Blackhawk! has also redesigned the tops as well. No more getting shirts too big or sleeves too long. The Strenia Top and Performance Polo are great for casual wear and allow for ease of motion. The Strenia has discrete pockets for additional hardware without looking bulky while the Polo is a modern fit with cap sleeves.

The Blackhawk! line also includes workout gear and shoes. The complete line of products won’t be shipping until sometime in March.

Ladies, if you’re looking for comfort and functionality, then check out the new line from Blackhawk!.

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Jodi Butts has been a law enforcement officer since 1998. She is currently assigned to patrol duties, having completed an assignment as an instructor at her agency’s basic academy. Jodi is a certified firearms instructor and is also certified to instruct emergency driving techniques to include vehicle immobilization devices and the Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT). Jodi served as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army. She earned a Master's Degree in Justice Administration/Public Administration.

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