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SCOTTEVEST (SeV) creates SeV Tactical VERSION 4.0 Exclusively for Under Cover Law Enforcement

KETCHUM, IDAHO - SCOTTEVEST, INC. (SeV) (www.scottevest.com), the sole provider of Technology Enabled Clothing® (TEC), introduces SeV Tactical Version 4.0 designed specifically to meet the demands of undercover law enforcement and military personnel. SeV, a perennial favorite among the geek chic crowd, won an instant following among undercover law enforcement officers from a variety of federal agencies, including the C.I.A., Special Ops, F.B.I., Secret Service, and other branches of the newly formed Homeland Defense Department, as well as local and state agencies. In fact, the Army Times reported that President George W. Bush admired one of his Secret Service Agents wearing an SeV and “insisted on acquiring his own--complete with the presidential seal." Moreover, it is being sold by the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C., as one of the only items in their gift shop that is being used in the field by actual undercover agents.

SeV Tactical 4.0 includes 40 ergonomically designed pockets and compartments, SeV’s patented Personal Area Network (PAN), which allows users to discreetly hold and connect multiple electronic devices through a hidden conduit system, removable sleeves and hood, waterproof and breathable exterior, Coolmax® mesh interior, Detachable Cargo Cache™ (DCC), Weight Management System (WMS), Solar Panel compatibility, patent-pending magnetic closures (using 14 magnets), Badge Grabber™, CollarConnect™, DeepPockets™, 2 key holders, eyeglass chamois, 4 pen/stylus pockets, AA and AAA battery holders, magnetic windflap, side seam zippers, 2 bottle holders, BudBuckets™, MyMemory™, collar loops, epaulets, baseball cap holder and more!

SeV Tactical 4.0 is part of SeV’s new product line, Version 4.0, which is redefining the way consumers, businessmen, and law enforcement personnel carry and use electronic devices.

“Our 4.0 Tactical is by far our most technical jacket, and includes a number of features that will please both ‘techies’ and undercover law enforcement personnel alike,” said Scott Jordan, CEO of SCOTTEVEST, Inc. “SCOTTEVEST recognizes that carrying a number of devices simultaneously is a fact of life in the modern world, and a given for law enforcement personnel.”

Additional information about the SeV Tactical 4.0, its Version 4.0 product line, or about the company itself can be found at www.scottevest.com. The Tactical 4.0 will be available this September 2005, in black, for $229.99.

Founded in 2001, SCOTTEVEST, INC. and its wholly owned division Technology Enabled Clothing -TEC®, are the leaders in the apparel industry as it relates to incorporating electronic equipment into clothing. SCOTTEVEST® began designing clothing to meet the needs of techies and travelers who needed to both carry and use their electronic gadgets. As expected, prior versions were an immediate hit with the geek-chic crowd. SeV products rapidly gained a following among undercover law enforcement officers, including the C.I.A., F.B.I., Secret Service, and other branches of the newly formed Homeland Defense Department. SCOTTEVESTs have been exhibited at The Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley, The Innoventions Pavilion at Disneyland, The Oakland Museum of California, TheMuseum of Technology in Milan, Italy, the Cittadella Scienza in Naples, Italy, and The International Spy Museum Store in Washington, D.C. The SeV has even shown up on HBO’s smash hit, The Wire, and was worn by Matthew McConaughey in the 2005 blockbuster, Sahara.

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