launches full line of custom clothing

SEATTLE, WA - May 15, 2007 - Beyond Clothing announced today that it has expanded its line of custom outdoor and tactical clothing. Beyond is now custom creating a line of long underwear, called the Base Line, and a full line of custom fit Primaloft jackets and pants.

Over last decade Beyond has made custom cold weather clothing available to everyone. Now by offering a diverse choice of all needed layers, Beyond has essentially revolutionized the outdoor clothing industry. "We are proud to be the first company to create a full line of custom clothing", mentioned Scott Jones, owner and founder, at a recent meeting.

For Tactical users the Advantage BDU Pant has been enhanced with new options, and the Law Enforcement line has increased to include the Cold Fusion LE jacket. All products continue to be custom made in America with the most advanced fabrics and the highest quality.

Customization was recently enhanced with the launch of; a new site with enhanced interactivity. and merged into the new site to allow for an easier choice between the new diverse lines.

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5.11 Tactical reaches new heights with the Apex pant

5.11 Tactical reaches new heights with the Apex pant

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