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Beyond is Chosen as Sole Supplier for Special Operations PCU Customization System

Seattle, Washington—Beyond announced today that it has been chosen to be the official manufacturer and supplier of U.S. Special Operations Command Custom PCU Cold Weather Layering system. The system is based on the fabrics and experience of the larger Protective Combat Uniform program, yet is enhanced and fully integrated with Beyond technologies. These technologies include dynamic patterning for a custom fit, advanced designs, integrated layering, computerized cutting systems, and use of lamination for decreased weight, and increased durability.

Scott Jones, owner and founder of Beyond, headed the design team for all 16 specialized garments. “With the incredible help of the folks at Natick and within the Special Forces community, the PCU-CS is the system of the future. Through custom fit, advanced fabrics, and layers that become more than the sum of their parts, the end user is able to be more comfortable, in more conditions, with less bulk and weight.” The system is officially available to those members of Special Operations Forces (SOF) who do not fit into the standard grades of the original PCU kit.

In the field, the custom made layers will be mixed and matched depending on the variables of the current environment. They include long underwear briefs, pants and shirts, fleece tops and bottoms, a wind shirt, technical soft shell jacket and pant, waterproof/breathable suit, and a choice of 4 Primaloft Synthetic Down products, for a total package of 26 integrated garments. Fabrics chosen are made by Polartec®, EPIC by Nextec®, W.L. Gore®, and Primaloft®.

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