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PROPPER INTERNATIONAL Unveils Premium Apparel Collections

Announces three new product lines, mobile tour, new website

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – PROPPER INTERNATIONAL announces a major play in the tactical market with three premium apparel collections – Sweep, LS1 and CCMF – each engineered to adapt and perform in a distinct environment. These 22 new items signify PROPPER’s renewed commitment to innovation and evolution as a full-scale tactical brand.

“These new collections are about looking at the public safety market a little differently without compromising fit, function or style,” said Bryan Griggs, president of PROPPER INTERNATIONAL sales. “PROPPER has experienced a dramatic shift in product creation, but will stay true to our heritage of quality and value.”

The PROPPER Sweep collection is designed for use in the covert, non-uniform environment. PROPPER LS1 (pictured) is engineered to enhance your speed and agility, while PROPPER CCMF is built to withstand merciless heat and humidity. A portion of proceeds from the sale of all three collections will benefit Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, a volunteer organization that supports military and law enforcement personnel in times of need.

PROPPER has hit the road with a cross-country mobile tour to spread the word about these brand new collections. Customized brand engagement vehicles will stop at authorized PROPPER retailers across the country, hosting customer appreciation events and previewing the company’s newest product offering.

Fans of PROPPER can follow the mobile tour and learn more about these new products at the company’s refreshed website, propper.com. The updated site boasts a fresh new look along with in-depth content about the company’s vision and capabilities.

PROPPER commercial products are distributed through more than 3,000 military, public safety, outdoor and specialty retail stores and websites across the country. For more information about PROPPER, visit www.propper.com. To learn more about Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, visit www.sheepdogia.org.

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