SHOT Show 2010: Grauer Systems enhances weapon grip for LEOs

The Integrated Grip Rail System improves control for AR/M4/M16s

By PoliceOne Staff

There were many weapon enhancements and accessories at SHOT Show this year, but Grauer Systems' new Integrated Grip Rail System (IGRS) seemd to cater directly to law enforcement professionals and SWAT teams.

Designed to enhance performance and comfort for officers who are needing to grip their AR for long periods of time, the IGRS improves the traditional horizontal hold for both shooting and patrolling.

From observing military use, Grauer saw that many officers were holding the magazine with their non-shooting hand. However, gripping the magazine in this way causes a lot of limitations, including having your hands positioned too close together. The IGRS feels like a traditional hold, but spreads hands further apart.

From a tactical standpoint, this seems to be a small product that could make a big impact when faced with holding your weapon for long periods of time.

"It works well especially in a police environment because an officer might have to hold his weapon for 30 minutes, covering a builidng during a standoff for example," says Greg King of Grauer. "Using the IGRS, it becomes more comfortable to hold a position for long periods of time."

Other features included in the IGRS: laser/light switch integration (functions to re-route wires internally to laser devices and pressure switches), superior rail loading (elminates the need for a vertical grip), and flared magazine funnel (to increase on-target confidence).

For more information about the IGRS product, visit Grauer Systems online

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