The right fit: Pachmayr Tactical Grip Gloves

New grips designed for semi-automatics without panels

As long as there have been guns, there has been a need to improve on the product and its accessories. Pachmayr has been making grips for guns since the 1960’s. They have a history of enhancing firearm performance that goes back even farther. Their patented designs and materials have stood the test of time.

Their latest offering, the Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove, is for the popular polymer-framed semi-automatic that does not have removable grip panels. Anyone who has fired one knows that they can become slippery when your hands get sweaty.

The Decelerator material used in the grip is designed to enhance control of your pistol under rapid fire by providing a non-slip surface of soft rubber. The material also helps reduce felt recoil by absorbing the recoil impulse when the weapon is discharged.

The Tactical Grip Gloves come with finger grooves molded into them for even greater control and a better index feel of the weapon. The grip designed for the ever popular Glock pistol models that already have finger grooves, comes with cutouts that the existing finger grooves fit into.

In the past, putting on a set of slip on of grips often required a lot of energy and effort. There is no need to slather the gun with soap and water to slip them on. With the new Tactical Grip Gloves soft and stretchy material the new grips are designed to slip on easily and stay in place.

Unlike one-size-fits all slip on grips, no trimming of the grip is required with the Pachmayr models.

"Each grip is custom designed for each specific pistol model versus one size fits all," Liz Friedmann of Lyman Products, the maker of Pachmayr gloves, said.

The Tactical Grip Gloves also have ventilated sides for air flow to reduce sweating under shooting stress and have a clean professional look. At only two ounces they are designed to not weigh you down. The suggested retail price for the gloves is $13.95.

The Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove is available for most popular law enforcement models, from the Beretta 92 to most Glock models.

For more information on Pachmary grips and for a sizing chart visit

About the author

In February 2014, Duane Wolfe retired from his career as a Minnesota Peace Officer after more than 25 years of service (beginning in 1988). During his career he served as patrolman, sergeant, S.R.T., Use of Force and Firearms Instructor, and is currently employed by the Parkers Prairie Police Department. He is also a full time instructor in the Law Enforcement Program at Alexandria Technical College, Alexandria, Minnesota. Duane has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Bemidji State University, and a Masters Degree in Education from Southwest State University. Duance has previously published articles on Calibre Press and IALEFI and served on the Advisory Board for Lt. Col. Dave Grossmans book, On Combat. Contact Duane Wolfe

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