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September Product Roundup: Tactical Gear

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about Tactical Gear throughout the month of September. In tactical situations that demand the most out of you and your gear, only the best will suffice. We have complied some of the latest tactical products and services available for law enforcement today.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordEnergizer Hard Case Tactical Romeo
Featuring two visible LEDs (high intensity white and blue) and an advanced polymer construction, the Energizer Hard Case Tactical Romeo is great for situations where a tough and dependable flashlight is mandatory. Enthusiasts of the Pink Bunny brand will enjoy waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes, the 6-to-8 hour runtime, and a lifetime warranty. For more information about the Romeo, visit the main product page here or call (800) 383-7323.

2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit at Warnock Fleet L-3 AN/PVS-24 (M2124) Clip-on Night Vision Device from US Night Vision
The FLIR AN/PVS-27 S135 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS) is a magnum universal night sight designed to mount in the front of an existing day scope, adding night vision capabilities. The PVS-27 is light and rugged with basic image adjustment and simple operational controls. The PVS-27 is effective on all weapons from carbines to .50 caliber semi-automatic and bolt action sniper rifles. Due to FLIR''s proprietary Shock Mitigation System™ (SMS™) and added longevity, the weapon sight has a built-in image intensifier protection allowing the unit to be used on weapons such as bolt-action rifles. The unit can be mounted to a MIL-STD-1913 rail interface or used as a handheld device. The highly portable design reduces operator fatigue and allows for applications such as target acquisition, covert operations and surveillance. For more information concerning the MUNS, visit the US Night Vision''s website or call (916) 788-1110.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from Ford
Leg Armor from Baker Ballistics
Baker Ballisitcs manufactures a unique and highly protective set of Leg Armor pads. Soft and silent, these fabric covered Level IIIA leg armor protective panels are soft on the outside for stealth-like operations, and contain internal hard trauma protection built-in over the knee and shin bones to help keep you upright and mobile during a ballistic impact event. To learn more about Leg Armor from Baker Ballistics, click here or call (717) 295-6800.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordThermite Versipack from Maxpedition Hard Use Gear
This revolutionary new multi-functional bag, designed either to be worn on the waist with a supporting leg strap or shoulder slung, made way for a new genre in tactical nylon: everyday hard-use gear. The Thermite has one main compartment equipped with a water-resistant storm collar which can be cinched closed and a zippered frontal compartment for PDA and other accessories. An integral sheath with adjustable lid on each side allows for immediate access to two important tools of choice, e.g. flashlight and extra mags. MAXPEDITION has increased the elasticity and comfort of the removable leg strap.All Thermite Versipacks are also now ambidextrous. See more at the MAXPEDITION website or call (310) 768-0098.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordOM Tactical ACH -2 Level IIIA Helmet
This OM Tactical Helmet is Certified Level IIIA Ballistic Protection, with standard 4-point Fully Adjustable Suspension System and
ACH/MICH cut around the ears and brow for ease of use with various communications yystems, NVG''s, and Weapon optics. The helmet also boats of a higher, tactical cut, which reduces ballistic collar interference. It is also available with "Team Wendy" MIL-SPEC Removable Pad System with Chin Strap. For more information, click here or call (877) 642-4090.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordZAP Law Enforcement Retrofit System from Team Wendy
The ZAP™ Law Enforcement Retrofit System contains everything needed to convert a helmet with a strap suspension system to the ZAP™ pad system. The kit includes a set of seven 5/8-inch ZAP™ pads, 18 Velcro® hook disks, a 4-point (Standard) chinstrap, six alcohol wipes, and an illustrated instruction manual. Also available in 1” pads. See more at the Team Wendy website or call (216) 738.2518.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordMinuteman III First Responder Ballistic Shield with Viewport from Patriot3
The ideal shield for Patrol, SWAT, VIP Protection, Harbor Security, Airport Security, and more. Folds and stows in a convenient and non-descript carry bag. The carry bag comes complete with a grab handle and non-descript carry strap. Use shield in both rigid and non-rigid configurations. Convenient storage for stiffening rods. Webbing provided at bottom of shield for miscellaneous stored items. Sheriff, Police, and custom patches available upon request. For more information, click here or call (540) 891-7353 .

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordM6X Tactical Illuminator from Insight Technology Inc., L-3
The M6X is a powerful handheld or weapon mounted white light illuminator used for target identification and area illumination. It is also equipped with either a visible or infrared aim laser used for precise weapon aiming and target acquisition. The “X” series of tactical lights are capable of generating an output power of 125 peak lumens.To learn more about the M6X Tactical Illuminator, click here or call (717) 295-6800.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordBreacher Blanket from U.S. Armor
For the Specialized Operator, U.S. Armor has developed a number of Mission-Specific tactical items such as our new Bomb Blanket, with exclusive Tent Stitching pattern, and our "user-friendly" Breacher Blanket for safe, effective explosive entries, as taught by the R.E.S.T. and T.E.E.S. breacher schools. For more information, click here or call (562) 949-1733.


The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from Ford
LASH Throat Mic System from TEA Headsets

The LASH Throat Mic System is a great, all-around tactical microphone. backed by tactical standards 40 years in the making, the Lash provides clear coms in high noise, works under gas mask or SCBA''s, and allows for whisper communications. With a break-away strop for quick removal and the Full-Awareness or Head-Pro Earpiece, the LASH is an invaluable asset to any tac team. To learn more about the LASH Throat Mic System, click here or call (845) 278-0960 .

For more information on tactical gear, visit the PoliceOne Tactical Product Category.

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