School Shooters - Is Your Agency Prepared?

Patrol Officers must be empowered for swift "Application of Deadly Force"

Lancaster, PA - On Monday, an unspeakable tragedy occurred just a few short miles from the Baker Batshield® factory. When a school shooting can occur here in rural Lancaster County Pennsylvania, it can happen anywhere. Psychotic murderers with a death wish can live, work and conduct their final carnage at the location of their choosing. Unfortunately, children at school are becoming frequent targets.

After supplying the portable ballistic Baker Batshield® to hundreds of police agencies, we have encountered many departments that have established internal departmental policies that literally slow the response to potential active shooter situations. Many American law enforcement agencies do not give the first responding officer(s) individual discretion in the handling of a fast-breaking school shooter, requiring the officer to wait for a command decision or arrival of a superior officer prior to taking offensive action. This can be a deadly policy contributing to a higher casualty rate among innocents. Additionally, a surprising number of police departments have not established any active shooter policies or training. The role of the patrol first-responder to a potential active shooter incident is extremely important.

In light of recent multiple school shootings and suicides, we encourage all law enforcement agencies to review their internal policies and procedures regarding active shooter response. School incidents are particularly hazardous and fast-paced. They have a low probability of developing into a traditional protracted "hostage" tactical negotiation operation while having a high likelihood of death to innocent children. The aggressive actions of the first responding officer(s) are vital to a successful outcome with minimal collateral damage. Patrol assets need the authority, training and equipment for dealing with this deadly form of school violence.

Baker Batshield® products and training are available to law enforcement agencies who desire their personnel to have the most practical and expeditious method of applying deadly force during dynamic active shooter encounters.

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