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Free "Active Shooter" Computer-based Training for LEO's

Lancaster, PA – Baker Batshield® is pleased to inform American sworn law enforcement officers that The Backup Training Corporation™, the nation’s leading private provider of in-service law enforcement training courses, has partnered with several colleges that receive federal grants for adult training. The Backup’s computer-based training courses are now available, at NO COST, to any SWORN officer in the USA. The only cost to the officer is a $3 per course charge to cover shipping and handling fees.

Al Baker is the instructor of this high-quality Active Shooter course, and it is our pleasure to help develop cutting-edge "Immediate Action Rapid Deployment" patrol tactics to our nation’s first responders, at no cost to the individual officer.

American law enforcement professionals are realizing that a swift and aggressive patrol response to confront armed individuals lessens the chances for mass casualties among innocents. Traditional containment, negotiation and call for SWAT tactics work to the advantage of the suicidal attacker by allowing them time to complete their planned massacre, such as would be accomplished by a school shooter.

Please take advantage of this free training course opportunity at thebackup.com.

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