Baker Batshield® Introduces Lightweight L.E.D. Lighting Array

High Intensity - Low Power Consumption L.E.D. Designed Specifically for Patrol

Lancaster, PA - Baker Batshield® is pleased to announce the development and commercial availability of a high-intensity, extremely low power consumption lighting system designed specifically for use on the Baker Batshield during night stealth-like operations.

The inventor of the Baker Batshield®, Al Baker states, "a significant number of law enforcement agencies who are currently using Baker Batshields on patrol requested add-on lighting that would not interfere with a normal two handed weapon shooting platform. Additionally, the light and battery combination needed to be lightweight so the shield could remain easy to maneuver, and carry for long periods of time. This new L.E.D. lighting array accomplishes these goals, and does so at an affordable price".

Placing the light array using the Velcro backed fastener in the low central region of the Baker Batshield® draws hostile gunfire to a more desirable lower body area. This has been confirmed in numerous training exercises.

A simple on/off finger push button switch is located in the front of the weapon guide, offering instant light control without affecting the two handed shooting platform. Utilizing common lithium CR123 batteries found in many law enforcement and military weapon lighting/sighting devices, plus the latest high-intensity low power consumption multiple L.E.D. illuminators, the lighting system now has a run-time exceeding 8 hours.

About Baker Batshield
Founded in 2003, Baker Batshield® designed and manufactures a unique U.S Patented lightweight portable ballistic shield, ideally suited for use by patrol officers desiring much greater chances of surviving hostile encounters against armed adversaries.

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