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Baker Batshield® Announces NTOA "Member Tested" Results

Florida Based Tactical Team Evaluates Baker Batshield® www.bakerbatshield.com.membertested.asp

Lancaster, PA - Baker Batshield® is pleased to announce that the National Tactical Officer's Association (NTOA) http://ntoa.org/ has recently conducted an independent evaluation of both sizes of the Baker Batshield®, and will publish the results in an upcoming issue of the "Tactical Edge" www.ntoa.org/tacticaledge professional journal.

Inventor Al Baker states; "I am extremely gratified to read the results of this in-depth product evaluation www.bakerbatshield.com.membertested.asp of the Baker Batshield® by my peers. The results of this NTOA 'Member Tested" report validate the purpose of my invention. When unlimited visibility, speed, long-gun and handgun accuracy is required, the Baker Batshield® is the only ballistic shield that exceeds this mission. Tactical teams that prepare for a quick, aggressive offense will find our new product to be an indispensable unit of personal protective gear. Many American tactical teams continue to use conventional "bunkers" in a slow, methodical, and observational manner … and should be encouraged to continue their use in this traditional role. However, when the mission requires speed, accuracy and the presentation of overwhelming firepower, the Baker Batshield® is the only shield available for the job."

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