Introducing the Riggs Shield

BRB Designs, LLC manufactures the Riggs Shield™, which owner Robert Riggs invented after a friend of his was shot, while sitting in his patrol car. Some of the pictures on the website are of his friend's patrol car.  His friend survived his injuries and is back on patrol. However, as a law enforcement officer, Robert started thinking there has to be a better way to protect ourselves while we are seated in our patrol cars, so he invented the Riggs Shield™.

His theory behind the design has been that large shields kept in the trunk of your vehicle do not provide you immediate protection if you come under attack while seated in your vehicle.  His design provides a shield that can be grabbed, off of a mount that is installed on your door panel, to protect your head and neck while you are seated in the vehicle and can be used for other patrol functions such as traffic stops. During testing, he found he could draw his shield at the same time that he drew his pistol and it did not slow him down at all.  A side benefit of having the shield mounted on the door is it also provides you with ballistic protection, while it is sitting in the mount.

He has been working on the design for almost a year now and is very proud of how the product has turned out. All of the parts for the shield are made in the United States and most of those are made right here in California.  

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All of us at BRB Designs, LLC are committed to providing our customers with a top quality product and superior customer support. That is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t like our product for any reason, you can return in it within 30 days for a full refund.  We also guarantee the shield and mount will be free from defects and will repair or replace any defective parts for up to six months after your purchase, and if your Riggs Shield™ is struck while defending yourself during a shooting we will replace it for free (See terms and conditions for details).   


The Riggs Shield™ is made from a UL listed Level III ballistic composite material which is rated to stop up to .44 Magnum, 240 grain, pistol rounds. The ballistics composite material is enclosed in a tight CORDURA® Nylon fabric cover to help improve the material’s edge strength and provide padding for the users arm. 

The handle mounts over the edge of the shield providing a larger opening making it easier to grab the shield in an emergency situation. We also offer an optional Picatinny Rail to mount a flashlight to the handle, and an optional forearm strap to provide extra support of the shield while carrying outside of your vehicle. 


The mounting tabs are made of plastic and hold the shield firmly in place under normal driving conditions and release from the mount with a quick upward and forward motion. The mount is formed plastic that attaches to your door panel, with Velcro®, as to not alter the vehicle in any permanent way.  Each vehicle model requires it's own mount.

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