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Riggs Shield Now On Sale!


Due to a reduction in material cost we are going to be lowering the price of the Riggs Shield and passing the saving on to you. We will be offering the shield on our site (Riggsshield.com) for $199.00. That is a $50.00 dollar savings.

We are also starting an incentive program to get our shield out to as many officers as possible. If you are the first person from your department to purchase a Riggs Shield we will give you a promo code worth an additional $30.00 off your purchase. Just send us an email to receive the promo code. 

The Riggs Shield™ is a UL Level III (NIJ level IIIa) ballistic shield that mounts to the door panel of your patrol vehicle, giving you instant access to the shield to protect your head and neck, while you're seated in the vehicle. All of us at BRB Designs, LLC truly believe our shield will save lives, so we are willing to offer these lower prices so that every officer can have a Riggs Shield in their patrol car.  

Department budgets are limited during these hard times, so please don't wait for your department to purchase this potentially life saving shield for you.  

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