Baker BatShield® - An Effective New Tool for “Buy & Bust” Operations

The recent introduction of Baker BatShield® portable and concealable ballistic shields into the drug enforcement area of law enforcement is providing some innovative new enforcement techniques which lessen the risks to undercover officers during the dangerous type of operation known as “buy and bust”.

Typically, during a “buy & bust” operation armed backup arrest team members must remain outside of the immediate area, waiting for the signal that the drug transaction has been completed. The arrest team must swiftly reposition and converge onto the scene of the transaction to affect an arrest. It is always a concern that the drug dealer identifies the approaching arrest team and harms the undercover officer while initiating an escape. During the hazardous period of time between the transaction and the approach of the arrest team, the Baker Batshield® can be ingeniously used to protect the undercover officer.

The latest version of the Baker Batshield® “breakaway” carrying case includes Velcro for addition of a local business logo … such as “Gold’s Gym”, “Health & Racket Club”, or any other non-descript locally known business. A plainclothes undercover officer carrying the non-threatening Baker Batshield® disguised as an “athletic carry bag” can be positioned very close to the endangered officer. At the opportune time, the undercover backup officer simply deploys the shield and weapon right on the suspect, effectively preventing an escape and/or attack upon the unarmed undercover officer.

View video: "SMG DEPLOYMENT"

The Baker Batshield® is a portable, lightweight, hard composite ballistic shield that simply and instantly provides the user level IIIA ballistic protection from a modest-sized, easy to carry, shoulder-slung carrying case. The user now has an overwhelming tactical advantage and is much more likely to control the situation to a successful outcome.

Safely positioned behind the shield, the shield bearer has excellent head protection from side threats, plus complete neck, arm, torso, groin and upper leg ballistic protection. The Baker Batshield® equipped officer is afforded excellent visibility, mobility and a solid shooting platform for accurate two-handed shooting utilizing either a handgun or long gun. The suspect does not have any of these advantages, and therefore has a high probability of losing the gun battle against a Baker Batshield® equipped officer.


Federal "Homeland Security" first responder grants have been successfully used to financially assist shield purchases by many departments. Availability varies, depending upon the policies and funding of each individual state.

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