Does my SWAT team need a Baker Batshield®?

Maybe yes, maybe no...

Lancaster, PA - Baker Batshield® is frequently asked if this innovative new product, which is gaining tremendous popularity with patrol first responders, is ideally suited for use by tactical ballistic shield operators.

Inventor Al Baker states; "I originally developed the Baker Batshield® so that the tactical operator would be able to finally bring a long-gun to the fight (see Live Fire Accuracy Video). Recent advances in weapon platforms and holographic sighting systems have given the tactical operator an amazing combination of visibility, target acquisition capability and speed of firepower delivery. The Baker Batshield® is an ideal compliment to a tactical shield operator who desires unparalleled ease of movement, visibility and use of dominating firepower. However, we recognize that only a small percentage of tactical operations require this level of speed and aggression, and for this reason we have prepared a "Needs Assessment" document, so that tactical team supervisors can determine if the Baker Batshield® is a good fit to their style and speed of operation."

Progressive teams have realized that the addition of Baker Batshield® to a tactical team's toolbox now gives them the ability to utilize solo ballistic shield operators carrying long-guns during extremely high-speed, dynamic situations.

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