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Street Athletics Add Cloud 9 Comfort to Uniform Footwear from Thorogood

Merrill, WI – Thorogood’s Uniform line of occupational footwear, made by Weinbrenner Shoe Company, is known for delivering performance and professional style. The Street Athletics shoe is the newest example, offering the comfort advantages of athletic shoes in footwear that complements a uniform.

Union made in Merrill, Wisconsin, these three US Postal Service-certified styles are built to go the distance comfortably. Using athletically inspired designs, these supple full grain black shoes may be the most comfortable uniform shoes on Earth – as well as on pavement, concrete or gravel. Street Athletics shoes use a unique two-density, shock absorbing, sole technology combined with Thorogood’s exclusive multi-layered Motion Sensor removable footbed. The footbed’s bottom, first density layer absorbs the pounding shock, step after step. The second cradles and massages the foot for all day comfort, keeping the ankles, knees and hips relaxed. The third density, on top, is a memory foam material that remembers the foot’s position and energizes the toes and heel with every stride.

These shoes are designed to provide continuous comfort over time. They have to, because while most sporting events are over in a few hours, Street Athletics have to deliver for an entire shift, whether it’s 8, 10 or even 12 hours standing or walking a route. A wearer may not need to run in them, but Street Athletics provide the kind of comfort that just might inspire a burst of speed.
Built strong for demanding conditions, Street Athletics also incorporate other advanced features one might only expect in high end athletic shoes. For example, they include a nylon liner to wick away moisture so they stay comfortable and dry out quickly when wet, polishable leather, and a specialized sand textured traction sole for superior slip resistance.

About Thorogood Shoes by Weinbrenner

Thorogood and Work One are divisions of Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Merrill, WI. Weinbrenner Shoe Company is an ISO 9001 company and has been manufacturing special designed occupational footwear in the USA since 1892. Weinbrenner Shoe Company leads the industry in occupational safety, fire, rescue and uniform footwear. For more information or to find the Thorogood dealer nearest you, call 1-800-826-0002 or visit www.weinbrennerusa.com.

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