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New guns give police, military X-ray vision

Military and law enforcement are gearing up to receive a new weapon — one that shoots images instead of ammo

By PoliceOne Staff

Military and law enforcement are gearing up to receive a new weapon — one that shoots images instead of ammo.

According to Defense One, American Science and Engineering (AS&E) has unveiled an X-ray gun capable of seeing through a wide variety of materials. Named the “Mini Z,” the device can capture transparent images and send them to laptops or tablets, all with the press of a button.

Capable of revealing drugs, explosives, money, and people, the Mini Z shoots low-level X-rays through everything from fabric to rubber to aluminum.

Unlike regular one shot imaging devices, the new X-ray gun can shoot its rays continuously and allows for rapid, multiple scans from many angles, AS&E Vice President Joe Reiss told Defense One.

AS&E is currently making the Mini Z available to U.S. military, border patrol, and law enforcement. 

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