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December 2008 Product Roundup: Night Vision/Thermal Imaging

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about Night Vision and Thermal Imaging throughout the month of December 2008. Check out some of the latest products available today.

Bullard TacSight SE35 Thermal Imager
Utilizing the latest in thermal imaging technology, the Bullard SE35 is a powerful tool for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications. Enabling law enforcement personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people and other sources, officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. Featuring 4X Digital Zoom, the Bullard SE35 provides maximum human form detection at a distance, becoming a long-range nighttime surveillance tool in zoom mode. Incorporating the ability to switch from a “white hot” to a “black hot” image allowing it to illuminate details that might otherwise be overlooked, the Bullard SE35 offers the ultimate tool in law enforcement. Visit www.bullard.com for more product information or browse Bullard TacSight's full list of Law Enforcement products here.

FLIR Systems, Inc. ThermoSight Thermal Imaging Camera
ThermoSight can be used as a pocket scope for scouting or can be configured as a weapon-mounted sight. It is smaller and weighs less than competitive dual-use products and features a standard weapon rail-mount bracket compatible with a Picatinny rail. ThermoSight allows an operator to remain covert even during demanding night missions. Tested under fire, the ThermoSight thermal weapon site is based on proven miniature infrared camera technology. A supplied USB 2.0 adapter cable included with each camera, allows for image transfer from the ThermoSight to a computer via USB 2.0. One button allows an operator to toggle between black-hot or white-hot image polarity superimpose and then adjust an electronic reticle to boresight the weapon, or manually change contrast and brightness to optimize image quality. Download the ThermoSight Brochure or visit www.flir.com for more information.

Night Vision Depot's Boresighted Night Sight
Boresighted Night Sight (BNS) may be the most reliable and easiest to use night vision weapon sighting system ever fielded. Like the Universal Night Sight™, the BNS also incorporates gain control, which allows the user to lower the tube brightness (gain) to compensate for overly bright conditions or to increase the gain under extreme dark conditions. The BNS is lightweight, rugged and adaptable to almost any weapon which will accept a MIL- STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail and has shown the ability to withstand the recoil of 5.56 (223) & 7.62 (308) rifles. It has a very fast f/1.12 catadioptic lens and a 40mm output window (eyepiece). Download the Boresighted Night Sight Data Sheet or visit www.nvdepot.com for additional information.

Morovision Night Vision Dual Tube Binocular
MV-2MV is the only Generation 1+ enhanced goggle equipped with a built-in photocell that guards the unit against bright light exposure. Offers: true-stereo depth perception and features built-in IR and fully adjustable headgear. Key product features: Built-in photocell that guards the unit against bright light exposure, Multifunctional: Hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted, or tripod mounted, Lightweight only 17 oz w/ batteries, Equipped with momentary or continuous IR switch, Wide exit pupil design. For additional product specifications click here or visit www.morovision.com.

ITT Night Vision's Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14 

The NEPVS-14 is designed for use by the individual officer in a variety of ground-based night operations, ranging from the extreme tactical to basic surveillance. It features the superior performance of the Gen 3 F9815 Pinnacle® image intensifier with manual gain control to optimize resolution in variable lighting conditions for better situational awareness. The NEPVS-14 offers the user the most versatility of any night vision device available. The unit can be handheld for simple observation or head- or helmet-mounted for handsfree operations. The system can be weapon-mounted directly to any MIL-STD-1913 type rail system in conjunction with various optical or laser sighting systems. Click here for more key features of the NEPVS-14 or visit www.nightvision.com.

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