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Using night vision in covert operations

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It’s three in the morning. You’re “camoed up and burrowed down” in the tall grass of a local farmer’s property, just a few feet from the plowed field that houses two large anhydrous ammonia tanks. Anhydrous Ammonia is an essential ingredient to the meth chef, and lately a group of perpetrators has been robbing the local farmer’s “blind.” Your top brass has given you – and the rest of the members of your Narc Ops Team – the task of covertly catching the bad guys out there in the darkened, bucolic expanse.

It is pitch black out and the only sound is the rustling of some slithering critters in the high grass, looking for his next meal. Suddenly, you hear a faint sound in the distance, and quickly it becomes louder and closer as the sound of the engine in a four wheel drive truck is upon you in seconds. You hear voices and clanging metal as you grip your weapon and wait for the exact moment to strike.

Fortunately, because of your use and availability of state of the art night vision, you can see the perpetrators the same as if it were broad daylight. As you and your comrades emerge from the high grass, the suspects have no idea what is upon them until they are lit up like a Christmas tree from AR-15 mounted flashlights and taken into custody.

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