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Little Camera, Giant Results With L-3 Thermal-Eye X200xp

Thermal imaging camera from L-3 Communications Infrared Products offers improved image quality

Thermal-Eye DALLAS - Big things often come in small packages. Such is the case with L-3 Communications Infrared Products' next generation thermal imaging camera, the X200xp. The 13-ounce X200xp, designed for use in military and law enforcement applications, offers advanced overall image quality in a conveniently sized, rugged and cost-effective, package.

The Thermal-Eye X200xp has advanced significantly beyond its X100 predecessor, which has performed with accolades in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This new unit offers 50% greater stand-off-range than the previous generation's unit and can detect human activity at up to 450 meters (1,500 feet), about the length of four football fields.

The X200xp also has improved image processing for best-in-class image quality. The unit's sophisticated image processing provides greater scene detail and improved clarity and sharpness. The technology also offers improved vision in challenging field conditions like dust, smoke and complete darkness, all while preventing a blooming effect from nearby lights common in image intensification cameras. The 30-hertz, 30-?m detector ensures not only a fast turn-on time, but also real-time video imaging.

"L-3's Thermal-Eye cameras have proven to be immensely powerful tools for numerous law enforcement officials," Executive Director of LETA and Retired DEA Agent, Charles A. Stowell said. "The improved clarity, sharpness and ability to not only see well in total darkness, but also through smoke, dust and fog, make the X200xp the ideal tool for everything from target detection and fugitive pursuits to search and rescue missions."

The camera's petite frame is stored easily in pockets for quick extraction and covert operation in the field and on the run, a must for law-enforcement and military officials. The unit's unique rugged design includes an integral rubber eyecup and can survive accidental drops. In addition, the X200xp also can withstand underwater submersion up to nine feet. All of this on just two AA lithium batteries.

L-3 Communications Infrared Products, based in Dallas, designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of thermal imaging products and solutions serving the security, fire and rescue, public safety, law enforcement, transportation, industrial, utilities and Homeland Security markets. Product applications include search and rescue, perimeter surveillance, investigation, industrial process monitoring, preventive maintenance, automotive and truck night vision and much more. Visit www.thermal-eye.com for additional information.

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