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MoroVision Introduces PVS-14 Combat Carrying Case With Molle-Lok

Morovision Night Vision introduces the PVS-14 Combat Carrying Case featuring a new and innovative Molle-Lok attaching system designed for Military and Law enforcement. The Molle-Lok attaches the Combat Carrying Case to Pals/Molle body armor, load bearing equipment, vests, tactical bags, pouches etc. Constructed of a hard proprietary polymer for strength and durability, the Combat Carrying Case is large enough to accommodate a PVS-14, 6015, 6010 or MV-14 Utlra night vision monocular. Storage nooks molded into the body allow for spare AA battery storage. The molle-lok is constructed of a hard proprietary polymer for strength and durability and can withstand the most extreme operating conditions. This time saving system allows the operator to easily set up gear before each mission and is especially beneficial during low light conditions and maneuvers. The Combat Carrying Case's Molle-Lok has been designed with press locking tabs. Once in place it can be permanent. No special tools are required to separate the locking mechanism.

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