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Trijicon® Extends Tactical Optics with New Nightvision System

New Trijicon Tactical Advanced NightVision System (TANS) is Built to Fight

Trijicon®, the maker of Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for the military and law enforcement, is pleased to announce a new solution for nighttime tactical engagements. Trijicon’s new Tactical Advanced NightVision System (TANS) brings
cutting-edge night vision to the front lines in a compact, rugged and easy to use sight, providing a clear advantage for those who must go into harm’s way.

The historical trade off for the critical advantage of seeing at night has been night vision equipment that was cumbersome, delicate or difficult to use. However, the new Trijicon TANS is a cutting-edge night vision system that is specifically designed to work perfectly in front of the Trijicon ACOG sights with negligible affect on boresight — allowing extremely rapid proficiency from one’s normal shooting position. This important design feature eliminates the traditional night vision shortcomings of mounting equipment behind daylight sights, requiring the user to move the existing sight and subsequently lose his or her battlesight zero. Designed for both military and law enforcement applications, the entire unit can be added or removed effortlessly from a MIL-STD 1913 rail. The 24 oz Trijicon TANS is made with a low 1.5 inch optical centerline that is free from parallax errors, optimizing target acquisition in CQB situations during low light conditions. The Trijicon TANS is available in three versions; a U.S.-only Gated version, a NATO-Spec 1600FOM version, and a Non-NATO 1250FOM version.

All of these advantages don’t sacrifice Trijicon’s trademark ruggedness. Manufactured with a combat-strong aluminum housing, the Trijicon TANS is completely submersible up to 66 feet for two hours. The system features a fieldreplaceable modular power pack that is incredibly versatile — designed to fulfill mission requirements on either (1) CR123 or (2) AA batteries. Additionally, the power pack allows full system operation on a single AA battery for a shorter duration. The Trijicon TANS’ catadioptric lens is extremely durable, requiring little maintenance while maintaining permanent boresight retention for the life of the unit. With an operating temperature range of -30° to +60° Celsius, the Trijicon TANS goes anywhere our troops and peace officers must go, perfectly complementing the battle-proven line of Trijicon combat optics.

Designed with the latest advances in night vision technology, the Trijicon TANS’ fast f/0.9 catadioptric lens collects a maximum amount of starlight for a brighter and sharper image, taking full advantage of size and weight reductions of the latest generation in image tube technology. Roughly the same length as the highly-praised Trijicon ACOG (6 inches), Trijicon’s TANS advantage is priceless in close quarter combat and room clearing, providing full day scope field-of-view (up to 14°) optimized for magnification up to 8x. The high-resolution night vision sight provides a large 33mm output optic that fully fills most day scope objectives, ensuring that the eye volume of the day scope is unaffected.

The Trijicon TANS will be available for purchase by military units and law enforcement agencies only. For more information on the Trijicon TANS or any of Trijicon’s brilliant aiming solutions, contact: Trijicon, Inc., 49385 Shafer Ave., Wixom, MI 48393 • (800) 388-0563 or visit www.trijicon.com.

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