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ATN Introduces its New Thermal Imaging Night Vision Device: OTIS-G7 Thermal Imaging Goggle

In contrast to the Thermal Night Vision Scope, the Thermal Imaging Night Vision Goggle may be hand carried or mounted onto a helmet. This Thermal Device is not only light in weight, compact, and durable, but also produces high resolution imaging, provides a video output, and includes a tripod mount. In addition to the numerous features, the OTIS-G7 Thermal Imaging Goggle provides video/image polarity selection between white-hot and black-hot reflections as well as a video output (standard RCA cable).

The OTIS-G7 Thermal Imaging Goggle is functional under any condition. The goggle provides outstanding image excellence despite any obstructions that may interfere with the image quality. Regardless of fog, complete darkness, camouflage, or bright lights, the OTIS-G7 will provide a clear, unaffected image. The device works by sensing changes in temperature and body heat further displaying a noticeable difference in the image that is being observed. Built from state of the art technology, ATN's Thermal Imaging Night Vision goggle will display the clearest images without any hindrances from the environment.

Thermal Imaging Night Vision Devices, similar to the OTIS-G7 goggle, are used by firefighters, public safety, law enforcement, industrial, and special uses. Firefighters use Thermal Imaging Night Vision Devices to sort through smoke and locate possible victims as well as locate obstacles hidden by dark smoke. Similarly, public safety uses the Thermal Imaging Device in routine patrol, search and rescue, vehicle pursuits, perimeter surveillance, and officer safety. Industrial and special uses include construction and mechanical inspections, process monitoring, engineering design, and development. To further attribute to its use, parks and wildlife use Thermal Night vision Devices in extreme darkness to spot animals, people, boats, lost-campers, and hunters.

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