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Electrophysics Provides the World’s First High Definition Night Vision Solutions

AstroScope™ is specifically designed for the latest popular Sony®, Panasonic®, and Canon® High-Definition camcorders

Orlando, FL (March 18, 2008)—The demand for higher resolution video has certainly fueled the development of advanced imaging technologies and has resulted in the introduction of reasonably priced high definition (HD) cameras and camcorders based on that technology. Requirements abound for products that deliver high resolution at night, where recognition and identification of humans and objects in low-light is very important to the success of a variety of applications and missions. With the introduction of the AstroScope, Electrophysics has introduced the most advanced night vision solution available and proved its dedication to the videography and photography markets giving users the ability to transform dark, moonlight or starlit nights into bright, high-resolution imagery.  At SPIE 2008, Electrophysics will continue to demonstrate that dedication, as it will be extending its AstroScope line with a host of models designed specially for the HD market.

Specifically engineered for High Definition camcorders, the AstroScope night vision adapters will give videographers the ability to produce high quality, high resolution video under very demanding conditions.  Boasting a rugged and compact design that makes it ideal for demanding applications, the AstroScope incorporates a state-of-the-art, Gen III image intensifier that automatically transforms dark scenes, below 10-4 lux, into bright, high-resolution images. Electrophysics’ revolutionary solution delivers optimum performance, the sharpest detail and highest quality full-frame images with no vignetting, a common problem with many night vision platforms.

Electrophysics also offers a wide range of intensifier performance levels and camera specific adapters and brackets that allow users to customize the modular AstroScope to fit their individual camera models and needs. Additional AstroScope configurations are also available for a broad range of still cameras and camcorders, including the Nikon AF‑type and Canon EOS‑type SLR and DSLR cameras, the Canon XL‑series camcorders (including the XL2 and Canon’s new HD product, the XL‑H1), the Panasonic AG‑HVX200 prosumer HD camcorder, the Sony HVR‑Z1U prosumer HD camcorder and 2/3” B4‑mount cameras.

The AstroScope is easy to set up and requires no specialized training to operate. The unique night vision module connects to the camcorder in two places; the fixed lens filter thread and the ¼” x 20 tripod mount. A relay lens extension tube that boasts an exceptionally fast, custom designed optic is positioned between the CIU and the camcorder and screws directly into to the camcorder’s lens filter thread.  Additionally, the AstroScope supports common objective lenses including C-mount optics and Nikon and Canon SLR lenses.

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