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Tennessee Defense Company Awarded Multi-Million Night Vision Contract

Mountain City, TN - According to ranking military officials in the Philippine Islands – among them Chief of Staff General Dalfin Bandit and Lt Col Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos, Jr. - Nightline, Inc., a US, veteran-owned defense company, and a global supplier of Generation III Night Vision Equipment, was awarded a contract that will allow the Philippine Army to arm its soldiers with over 2,000 M914 night vision monoculars and 900+ infrared aiming laser devices. The contract is valued in excess of $8 million US dollars.

Army military spokesman, Lt Col Ernesto Torres, Jr., stated that the Philippine troops will use the equipment to enhance combat operations of at least three of its divisions in Mindanao, including Scout Rangers and Special Forces. The first delivery of night vision goggles was shipped the middle of this month, with the remaining systems scheduled for delivery in May of 2010.

The M914 is a high performance, lightweight night vision monocular based on the US Military model AN/PVS-14. It provides the user with enhanced visibility for target identification and subsequent mobility. It may used by hand but functions primarily in a weapons, helmet, or head mounting capacity. The unit works seamlessly with infrared aiming devices such as the OTAL manufactured by Laser Devices, Inc., a California based laser manufacturer.

With an extensive product line, Nightline, Inc. specializes in all facets of night vision equipment, its service and repair, laser devices, tactical equipment, and both factory and onsite training to US and foreign military and law enforcement personnel. Nightline is the recognized source of US manufactured Generation III night vision systems and accessories.

To learn more, visit www.nightline.us or contact its headquarters at 423-727-5900.

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