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The ATN Night Shadow Brings Long Distance Objects into View at Night

Night Shadow Night Vision Binocular with Smart Technology

South San Francisco, CAAmerican Technologies Network, Corp. (ATN), a leader in night vision technology, has built in their exclusive “Smart Technology” into their Night Shadow Night Vision binocular line. ATN’s Smart Technology includes a proximity sensor that automatically turns the night vision binocular on when it’s brought into a viewing position. No more fumbling for on/off buttons in the dark or creating excessive movement or sound when predator hunting. An added plus to the proximity sensor happens because as the unit turns itself on or off automatically it saves on the battery life and the life of the unit itself.  ATN’s Smart Technology also includes easy-to-use digital controls and a long-range Infrared Illuminator which allows the viewer to see in total darkness with perfect clarity.

ATN’s family of Night Shadow Night Vision binoculars include the popular Generation 1, which is an affordable night vision tool for camping, predator hunting, fishing or personal security. Built on the same high quality and durable foundation, the ATN Night Shadow is also available in Gen.2+, CGT technology that provides a 45-54 lp/mm resolution with automatic brightness and gain control as well as bright light protection, HPT which is a multi-alkali compact 18mm format MCP image intensifier increasing sensitivity, resolution, signal to noise ratio and modulation transfer function, Gen. 3, Gen. 3A, Gen. 3P, WPT which is ATN’s White Phosphor Technology allowing the viewer to see crisper black and white images instead of the traditional green images and Gen. 4 filmless autogated technology making the Gen. 4 Night Shadow a perfect tool for military or law enforcement applications.

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