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Morovision Introduces an Innovative New Product Line of Surveillance Platforms & Kits

The 24/7 Recon R/T Tactical Scope Kit is part of an innovative new product line of Surveillance Platforms & Kits from Morovision that give users new ways of integrating optical and electro-optical components and systems. By allowing users the ability to combine new and existing optical and electro-optical devices, these kits increase the number and types of missions the integrated components and systems can be used for. The 24/7 Recon R/T Tactical Scope can be used for day or night surveillance and can be mounted on several different platforms including the Roc Stoc™, the Tactical Tripod and the Flatpod.

For more information visit: www.morovision.com or call: 1-800-424-8222.

About Morovision Night Vision
Headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA, Morovision Night Vision, Inc., is a leading supplier, manufacturer and distributor of U.S. manufactured thermal and image intensified night vision technology. It is the Authorized U.S. Law Enforcement Distributor and Authorized Commercial Image Intensifier Tube Distributor for ITT Night Vision. Morovision Night Vision, Inc., has served the law enforcement, military, industrial, professional, and recreational markets since 1991, and is a GSA and RKB registered company. To learn more visit: www.morovision.com.

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