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Morovision Introduces 10x Adapter For PVS-14 Monocular & PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles

Applicable to PVS-14 Monoculars and PVS-7 Goggles, the 10x Lens Adapter can be quickly fitted into the filter thread of the objective lens of the system and converts it into a long range night sighting device.

Ideal for distant night target identification and tactical laser placement the 10x adapter lens can quickly be fitted into the filter thread of the system objective lens and can be manually focused by turning the lens into position. The 10x lens offers a relative 4° degree field of view depending on the amount of ambient light available during operation.

The lens adapter can also be used as a standalone 10x 40mm daytime spotting scope.

An optional adapter is available for use with other night vision devices.

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