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American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) Free Webinar Series Begins July 17th, 2013

First Webinar on “Thermal vs. Night Vision” – Learn the difference between Thermal lmaging and Night Vision devices and how to match the best choice for your needs and budget.

South San Francisco, Calif. – American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, is providing a series of free webinars on night vision and thermal imaging, the first webinar on “Thermal vs. Night Vision” to be held on Wednesday, July 17th.

Purchasing a night vision or thermal imaging device can be a daunting choice for an agency or individual. Night vision and thermal devices have their respective attributes for a variety of missions. Whether the goal is surveillance, varmint hunting, or night rescue operations, each of the technologies features certain advantages for various applications. Tom Renn, the ATN Director of Government and OEM Sales, will guide prospective customers through a 30-minute, live webinar broken into a 20-minute learning segment, and plenty of time for questions and answers. The first webinar will give potential customers insight into night vision and thermal imaging technologies, the advantages, disadvantages and applications.

Additional webinars are planned this year including “One Size Does Not Fit All,” a webinar on selecting the appropriate thermal or night vision device and includes an overview of the ATN Interactive Night Vision Catalog. Then bring your questions to the “Night Vision Q&A” webinar, later in the year, when the ATN experts will be on hand to answer any question on night vision or thermal imaging.

Signing up for the “Thermal vs. Night Vision” webinar, or any webinar, is easy and free. Visit the ATN website and click the “Scope Out Our Free Webinars & Newsletter!” button. Staying informed on all of ATN’s latest products, newsletter and free webinars are as easy as signing up on the private ATN email list.

For more information on American Technologies Network Corp, visit www.atncorp.com. Visit Facebook to stay up to date on new products, images and promotions.

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