Introducing Video Palettes on the new FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular

The new FLIR Breach thermal monocular offers a choice of seven palettes. There is no right or wrong palette for any particular application. The choice really comes down to personal preference, the characteristics of your environment, and how the image might be used.

The palettes include:

White Hot: warm objects appear white, cooler objects dark.
Black Hot: warm objects appear black and scenes look life-like
Rainbow HC: multiple colors display minute temperature differences.
Ironbow: Simulates the glow of heated objects
Sepia: Warm objects appear in yellow and cooler temperatures in black.
Arctic: Displays higher temperatures with a well-defined outline that separates warm from cool
Outdoor Alert: Uses the life-like detail of Black Hot, but highlights the hottest 10 percent of the scene in orange

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