Trail Video Manual - 2017

This quick-start video guide on how to use your Pulsar Trail thermal imaging riflescope will have you up and running in no time. We will walk you through how to navigate through the user-friendly interface and how to zero your thermal scope.

The Trail thermal scope has the friendliest interface on the market. Everything about the buttons and menu is designed so that you can keep your eyes on your settings without losing sight of your target. Innovative features make sure images remain clear and crisp, so every small detail remains highlighted in even the worst conditions. Select a variety of reticle patterns, colors and brightness settings for positive identification in various environments and in bad weather. Targets appear in stark contrast to their background in fog, rain and snow. The multi-purpose main power button will quickly calibrate the unit, as well as turn the display off and on. Step-by-step instructions with visual aids teach you how to zero your thermal scope and use Stream Vision so you can transfer files, operate the Trail remotely, view recorded video, update firmware and livestream to YouTube.

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