Enforcement Technology Group Provides Standard Equipment and the Latest in Enforcement Technologies and Services for Law Enforcement

Enforcement Technology Group Inc. (ETGI) and its divisions have been providing security, law enforcement, corrections, and military agencies throughout the world with the most innovative equipment and services available. ETGI's diverse product offering includes a complete line of hostage/barricade/crisis communications systems, cellular signal disruption and detection technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles, tactical surveillance/remote delivery robots, covert/intelligence equipment, cyber network/data security systems, and much more!

ETGI also offers municipal lease-to-own programs, enforcement website design/hosting solutions, and will soon feature EnforcementAuction.com. The mission of EnforcementAuction.com is to provide a safe and secure environment in which government, state, local, and municipal entities can buy, sell, and exchange assets online. EnforcementAuction.com's online marketplace will also help these entities develop a better sense of "community" by strengthening interagency networking and resource allocation.

Whether you are seeking time-proven standard equipment to the latest in enforcement technologies and services, ETGI has your solution! For complete information please visit www.etgi.us or call 800-873-2872.

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5 things cops need to know about traumatic brain injury

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