New Thermal-Eye Security Cameras Improve Protection at Critical Facilities

Thermal-Eye TSC4500, Guardian and 2400xp Advanced bolster security and surveillance product line

Remember the “old days” when security meant having a lone night patrolman, maybe an attack dog, some black and white security cameras and an alarm or two?  These no-frills solutions are no longer sufficient when faced with the task of securing critical infrastructure and key facilities – airports, mass transit systems, harbors or power plants – against increasing threats both at home and abroad. L-3 Infrared Products delivers to the security marketplace advanced thermal imaging systems  that detect heat signatures – thereby eliminating any dependence on natural or artificial lighting – to assist in spotting perpetrators engaging in suspicious activity. Today the company introduces three new additions to its surveillance product line – Thermal-Eye TSC4500 (Thermal Security Camera), Guardian and 2400xp Advanced. This family of products offers a full range of capabilities and highly sought after accessories to match a very broad spectrum of security needs.

“We realize that the security market is not ‘one-size fits all,’” Richard Darlow, president of L-3 Communications Infrared Products, said. “We are launching three unique products to meet the varied and diverse needs of security professionals – most of whom currently do not have sufficient systems to deliver the best and most complete information possible.”

The Thermal-Eye TSC4500 uses L-3’s Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer technology to provide a clear 320 x 240-pixel image. Beyond this, the weather-tight housing allows the camera to stand up to salt/fog conditions without suffering corrosion damage. And the camera’s small size and low weight support its “plug and play” readiness – making it easy to integrate into existing systems.

The next in the line-up is the Thermal-Eye Guardian, which is available in a pan-and-tilt configuration and may feature a dual sensor – both visible and thermal imaging. But it is the optional accessories and selection of communications protocols that truly set this camera apart.  The camera can be equipped to enable RS-232, RS-422 or Pelco-D communications along with a fully integrated Environmental Enclosure option that includes a COTS IP Encoder offering.

And the third offering is the Thermal-Eye 2400xp Advanced, which again offers a dual sensor but also incorporates “Gold Standard” BST technology to help ensure complete immunity to damage from solar radiation and allow viewing over one mile away. Available in a fixed or pan-and-tilt configuration, the latter offering boasts an 80-degree per second pan speed and a 360-degree slip ring for full, uninterrupted perimeter surveillance.

The new array of thermal camera offerings from L-3 Infrared Products gives security personnel more than improved vision in total darkness, it also delivers superior long-range surveillance and a host of optional accessories to tailor the system for a specific environment and application.

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