TEA Introduces Three Tactical Headsets

Invisabone Headset

Universal or custom earmold
The Invisabone Headset consists of a mic element which is incorporated into a one size fits all earmold so that the bone mic element is directly contacting the user's jawbone. Alternatively, for full time and special applications, the headset can be built into the user's custom ear mold.

Great for use in high noise
Because the bone mic only picks up jaw bone vibrations, the mic signal is not diluted by loud ambient noise. You can stand underneath a helicopter and someone on a distant radio will hear you....not the helo.

  • The mic signal is excellent - see audio demo above - and has great whisper speach
  • You can don and doff any gas mask without disturbing radio comms.
  • Works in very high ambient noise
  • The cable is a light polyurethane wire with kevlar and Teflon insulation and has a break performance of 100 pounds.
  • Does not materially obstruct ambient sound

High Threat Headset

The High Threat Headset offers both hearing protection as well as situational awareness. Your hearing is protected from concussion but - at the same time, the hear-through electronics allow communication in whispers.

This hyper sensitive headset has ambient noise amplification and is supplied with a whisper mic and TEA's tactical press to talk switch. It can work with all popular portable radios. The noise canceling whisper mic provides crisp, clear speech even in high ambient noise like helicopter applications.

Cobra Headset

The Cobra headset has a highly reliable and rugged earphone and noise canceling microphone both mounted on flexible boom arms - because the mic and phone boom can be easily/instantly rotated, Cobra headsets accommodates both left side or right side users. Tactical PTTs for either single or dual radio applications.

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