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U.S. Armor Sponsors Hostage Rescue Challenge

The Conneticut SWAT Challenge is preparing for the 2008 challenge. In an effort to continue our tradition of incorporating REAL tactics in a SWAT Challenge, this unique blend of team movement, rifle shooting, physical fitness, target identification and handgun proficiency were all on display in this top flight challenge.  We were thrilled to bring on one of the worlds leaders on ballistic protection, U.S. Armor.  This event was again head to head and consisted of 6 operators per team.  This event was also in full call out tactical gear  (helmets, level IV entry vests, boots and tactical holsters).  We were fortunate enough to have US ARMOR on board for the first year as the sponsor for this event.

This challenge started with  6 operators staged in an armored Lenco Bearcat.  To start, 4 operators using M-4's fired 2 rounds each a steel targets 100 yards downrange.  They started by firing from the ports INSIDE the Bearcat.  They exited after neutralizing the "targets" and ran 50 yards before encountering an obstacle they had to negotiate (a combat crawl through a huge tire).  They then moved up the final 50 yards before coming to a large steel door.  After breaching the door, they had to properly deploy a diversionary device in a designated area that required a skilled "throw".  Four members of the team then moved to 4 unique shooting ports.  These ports were hand crafted by event designators Officer Giansanti and Officer Cantele of the West Hartford SWAT Team.  Each port forced the operator to shoot from unique and uncomfortable barricaded positions.  There were 6 clay targets per lane for each operator.  The tricky part was that the 3 inch clay targets (which were 10 yards away for the shooter) were placed next to a hostage "face" which obviously could not be struck by any rounds.  After all 4 operators successfully engaged their targets, they re-united with the other 2 operators.  They then had to recover a 175 pound rescue dummy and carry it 100 yards back to the safety of the Bearcat. 

This event tested almost every facet of the SWAT operator.  This event was uniquely crafted and continued our proud tradition of incorporating tactics, shooting proficiency, physical fitness and competition in a "real SWAT" event.  The Connecticut State Police Tactical Unit #1 won this event.  We thank US ARMOR for their event sponsorship as well as their gracious donation of a variety of ballistic armor to the event winners.

For more information visit http://ctswatchallenge.com and http://ctswatchallenge.com/index.html.

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