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New Breaching Tool – The WALLBANGER™ to be Introduced at Shot Show

Jacksonville, Florida Safariland™, a BAE Systems line of business, announces the introduction of the WallBanger™ a multi-purpose breaching tool, constructed of lightweight aluminium square tubing, and used to deploy distraction devices and chemical munitions in order to gain forced entrance into a building, structure or even a vehicle.

“Law enforcement has long understood the dangers in conducting a forced entry,” stated Jim Morgan, Category Manager for Safariland’s Less Lethal category.  “Being able to quickly gain access to a structure without compromising a team’s safety is a challenging task.  Safariland has now answered that challenge with the new WallBanger.”

The WallBanger tactical utility pole uses hitch pins to connect sections so that it can easily extend to a typical second-story window.  It can be extended to several other lengths with the same hitch pins, and the pole can be angled from 45-90 degrees, allowing the operator to stay close to the structure while still remaining concealed.  It is designed to be used with one of four attachment heads.   The WallBanger Premium System contains the following components which come in a custom canvas carry bag.

  • Multi-piece utility pole
  • Single WallBanger attachment (for one Defense Technology™ 8901C1 device)
  • Double WallBanger attachment (for two Defense Technology 8901C1 devices)
  • OC Blaster attachment (for rake and break plus OC deployment)
  • DoorKey™ Head (a flash-bang breaching device)
  • Log sheets for tracking use
  • WallBanger Tool kit

The Single WallBanger is a carbon steel chamber that accepts a Defense Technology™ Distraction Device® steel body. The chamber has tungsten steel breaching cleats on its face in various directions.  It is designed to easily breach hardened glass, even automobile safety glass. The Single WallBanger can be placed between most burglar bars and easily defeats window screens and panes, and uses command-initiated technology to initiate a 8901C1 Distraction Device. 

The Double WallBanger attachment can accept two Defense Technology 8901C1 devices. This permits the operator to run two separate shock tubes down to two separate pin guns, allowing a team to send one grenadier to two different locations or to distract the same location twice.

The OC Blaster is designed to defeat window screens, glass and automobile glass. It can perform break and rake techniques and allows deployment of OC fog into the objective at the same time.

The DoorKey uses the over-pressure of a Defense Technology 7001C1 Distraction Device to breach locking devices of typical residential and commercial doors.

The WallBanger Premium System is now available for immediate delivery and is offered at $4,475.  Components may also be purchased separately. 

For more information about the WallBanger system or other Defense Technology products, visit www.safariland.com/lesslethal or www.defense-technology.com.
Safariland, LLC is a premier provider of law enforcement and security products and services, delivering a full-range of customer-specific solutions. Offering many of the world’s most recognizable branded products in the public safety market, Safariland is committed to saving lives.

For more information about Safariland, please visit www.safariland.com.  

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