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SIG SAUER Announces October Academy Specials and November Course Highlights

Registrations must be made with the Training Coordinator at 603-418-8181 to receive the advertised discount. Discount applies to courses and start dates listed below.

Shotgun Orientation for Women

Regularly $195.00, special $156.00
October 22, 2011 -  Epping, NH
Designed for the new shotgun owner or those interested in learning about the modern shotgun, this course is a mix of classroom and range instruction in a relaxed learning environment tailored for women. This testosterone-free course allows women to focus on how to safely handle, load, unload, fire and maintain a shotgun. Pump action, single action, and semiautomatic shotguns will be used with a combination of 12 gauge and 20 gauge rifled slug, buckshot, and birdshot ammunition. Classroom instruction starts with general shotgun characteristics and capabilities plus selection criteria and purpose. Next, students receive hands-on instruction to learn the basics of shotgun manipulation. Ladies will then hit the range and work on shotgun shooting fundamentals followed by some practical shooting exercises. This course is well suited for all aspects of shotgun ownership including defensive, competitive, and recreational shooting. The shotgun can be an intimidating tool but this course will set your mind at ease and give you the knowledge and skill to confidently use it. ...and it's a blast, literally! 

Rifle Orientation for Women
Regularly $195.00, special $156.00

October 23, 2011 - Epping, NH
Thinking about purchasing a rifle or simply want to learn the basics about modern rifles? This is the course for you ladies. Come out to the SIG SAUER Academy and learn everything you need to know about bolt action, semiautomatic, lever action, and single action rifles in a relaxed environment. This course is well suited for those interested in defensive rifle, home protection, hunting, recreational, or competitive shooting. Rifle orientation for women is an entry level course, no prior experience is required. Ladies will start in the classroom learning about rifle safety, characteristics, handling, loading, clearing, and marksmanship fundamentals. Once everyone is comfortable with the basics, class will move to the firing range where students will have the opportunity to fire different rifles and apply newly learned skills. Following this comprehensive course, you will have a solid understanding of selection, safety, types, handling, and shooting rifles.

Police Marksman I

Regularly $995.00, special $895.00*

October 24-28 - Epping, NH
Further advance your skills as an assigned precision rifleman/observer or instructor in a course that emphasizes the "science" rather than the "art" of sniping. Police Marksman Course I is designed to enhance the capabilities of the precision rifleman/observer by developing proficiency in tactical scoped rifle marksmanship, field craft and observation skills. Rather than trying to achieve an arbitrary marksmanship standard, attendees will fire an end of course test that will determine their optimum engagement range. 
*This course is restricted to law enforcement, military, and credentialed armed professionals.

SIG516 Operator
Regularly $195.00, special $156.00

October 30 - Epping, NH
The SIG516 rifle is the latest advancement in the modern battle rifle. Combining the best of multiple platforms, the unique "push rod" design increases reliability and performance while adapting easily to those used to the AR system. This operators course will start in the classroom where students will learn how to handle, field strip, maintain, and accessorize the SIG516 rifle. Next, shooters will spend time on the firing range putting the rifle to the test during an array of practical shooting exercises and drills. Rifles are supplied but students can bring their own if desired.

Join us on select Saturday mornings, or various evenings for our 4-hr classes

Offerings include:

Shooting on the Move - 1/2 Day
Expand your shooting skills from static to dynamic by incorporating realistic movement. Learn pivots, turns, linear, and lateral shooting techniques used in tactical target engagement. We will explore shooting while moving as well as shooting at moving targets while moving. This jam-packed four hour course will leave you never wanting to stand still on the range again. Come on out and have some fun. This is an intermediate course.

Skill Builder: Pistol @ Night
This intermediate course is one of the best kept secrets at the SIG SAUER Academy! Four solid hours of shooting development catered to your needs, during evening hours. No classroom, no lecture, just making brass on the range. Run through drill after drill with a seasoned instructor who can easily challenge and improve your current skills. Many students use this course as a great tune-up session to prepare for more advanced classes, competition, or the street.

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