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Get a Grip with Kershaw's New Blur from Custom Knife Maker Ken Onion

Blur Knife from Kershaw WILSONVILLE- Kershaw's new Blur, with Speed-Safe assisted opening, has all the features knife user's love in a Ken Onion knife, all the quality they expect from Kershaw, plus a secure, new grip that just won't quit.

It's a fact-most knife injuries occur because of a poor grip on the knife. Kershaw's new Ken Onion Blur solves the problem with a unique handle that features advanced materials to ensure a safe, secure grip every time-even under extreme conditions. And, because it's an "Onion knife" from Kershaw, the new Blur also features incredible, multi-tasking performance, the highest quality materials, and the kind of good looks knife users will be proud to own.

The key to the Blur's "Trac-Tec" grip is its combination of unique handle ergonomics and the "grip tape" inserts on both sides of the handle.

Ken Onion designed the Blur's handle to precisely fit the user's hand, providing a comfortable, secure feel. For lightweight, the handle is built of anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. (Anodizing produces a porous coating that can absorb dyes to produce extremely scratch-resistant, colored surfaces.) The Blur is being produced in two colors, model 1670BLK matte black handle with black inserts and a black blade and model 1670RD a deep, matte burgundy-red with black inserts. Each model is available with partial serrations.

The inserts are vital to the Blur's amazing grip. Kershaw CNC mills each handle to accept these textured, "Trac-Tec" inserts-inserts made of the same material skateboarders use to stay securely on their boards even when executing aerial turns and flips. In the Blur's case, the Trac-Tec tape inserts offer a rough, dry feeling that ensures a solid grip even in the most damp or slippery conditions.

For strength, the Blur's 3 1/2-inch, drop-point blade is hollow ground of 440A stainless blade steel. This grade of steel is strong, features excellent edge-retention properties, and rates a durable 55-57 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. Folded, the Blur measures 4 1/2 inches and weighs in at a comfortable 4.2oz. For additional safety, the blade is secured within the handle by a sturdy locking liner until ready for use.

The Blur also features Kershaw's famous Speed-Safe assisted-opening system. This proprietary technology enables the knife user to open the Blur with one hand. The user gives a short push on the thumb stud (left or right-handed) and the blade moves into position smoothly and easily. It then locks into place for safe, secure use. The Blur also features a removable or reversible pocket clip.

Model 1670BLK and 1670BLKST retails for $99.95 and the 1670RD and 1670RDST retails for $89.95 Both models are available July 2003.

The new, secure-grip Blur is built to maintain Kershaw's worldwide reputation for quality and innovation. The company prides itself on using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to produce knives and other cutting tools that are prized throughout the world.

A free, full-color product catalog may be obtained by writing to:

Kershaw Knives
25300 SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
or visit www.kershawknives.com

Kershaw Knives

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