TEA Announces New High-Threat Tactical Headset

TEA High Threat Headset Brewster, NY - Television Equipment Associates (TEA) introduces the High Threat Headset - (HTH) - a rugged active hearing protector in combination with hyper sensitive ambient noise amplification plus whisper mic communications and tactical press to talk.

An outstanding feature of the HTH headset is it's capasity to provide both hearing protection and situational awareness for hear-through communications. The hear-through is provided by two separate, well-shielded mics which allow the user to have optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction. While the user's hearing is protected from concussion damage, ambient sound can be amplified so that you will hear a faint whisper or sounds of movement.

The HTH also fits under tactical helmets and accommodates gas masks and goggles. The boom mic adapts to gas masks/SCBA voice emitter for improved comms when gas is deployed.

The HTH headset includes a noise canceling boom microphone, a tactical press to talk switch and a plug for all popular military and civil radios.

Military, Civil and Law Enforcement users may request samples for evaluation by visiting TEA's web site - www.swatheadsets.com

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