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Damascus Continues To Expand Military Specific Product Selection

Damascus Protective Gear Damascus is producing and supplying a significant amount of product to the U.S. Military and other forces around the world. In greatest demand are items with exclusive puncture resistant technology (with SuperFabric brand material), as well as various other commodity styles.

By demand, the growing range of D.P.G. (Damascus Protective Gear) hand wear and protective items for military operations has expanded well beyond black to include many OD, Sage, Desert tan, Coyote tan styles. Now offered in these various colors are: mechanics style hand wear, Nomex flyers gloves, Kevlar Special operations gloves, neoprene and hard shell knee / elbow pads, and balaclavas - with more to come.

For more information on Damascus Protective Gear, please visit www.DamascusGear.com

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