Testing ballistic resistant vests after ozone anti-bacterial treatment

Biokinetics completed a series of tests to evaluate whether or not there is any performance degradation caused by exposure to ozone during the Sani Sport sanitizing process. Two groups of soft armour, protection level II (NU 0101.04), were tested. The first group (8 armour panels) was new, untreated armour. The second group (8 armour panels) was exposed to 10 ozone anti-bacterial treatments using Sani Sport SST equipment (serial number: 10012).

Both groups were tested in accordance with the National Institute of Justice (NU) standard 0101.04 for the Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armour. No bullet perforation occurred and all armour panels met the test requirements of the NU 0101.04 standard. No significant difference of the ballistic performance was noted between the two groups of armour tested. Details of the test results can be found in Biokinetics' Report R2010-045.

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