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Video: Police attempt to control Vancouver riot

Canucks fans start a violent riot after their Stanley Cup loss

By PoliceOne Staff

VANCOUVER — Digital Journal has released video footage of rioting Vancouver Canucks fans, who started misbehaving after their team lost Game 7 of the Stanely Cup finals to the Boston Bruins last night.

The crowd overturned and burned two police cruisers during the riot, which began in a busy area downtown that is home to several businesses. The Bay, Sears, London Drugs, Future Shop, and others were looted, cars were vandalized, and people were stabbed

Police, who arrived about 45 minutes after the rior began, fired tear gas to try to break up the mayhem. In the video, riot police can be heard ordering the crowd to disperse.

The sheer number of people who took to the streets  — and their tendency to provoke law enforcement  — made it difficult for police and other public safety officials to respond effectively. Officers from other municipalities showed up to reinforce the Vancouver police, but downtown was congested enough to make progress very slow.

Firefighters waited for crowds to disperse before attending to burning buildings, and according to reports, most fires burned for a long time.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson called the violence "shameful and disgraceful." He said only a small number were responsible for the riot, and they would all be held accountable.

No announcement has been made as to how many people were being treated for injuries.

At midnight, the crowds were still large and rowdy, showing few signs of dispersing and remaining in a standoff with the police.

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