Bosnianbill releases exclusive lock picking training video series

MERRIFIELD, Va. — Bosnianbill's brand new complete lock picking course is now available to download on

The exclusive series contains over 6 hours and 40 minutes of instructional video, as well as links to another 15+ hours of supplemental videos that will reinforce and enhance your lock picking knowledge. The complete course progresses from a basic introduction of LockSport and lock picking, through the construction of different types of locks, and culminates in different bypassing techniques. Along the way you'll learn about bumping, impressioning, assembling and disassembling different types of locks.

You'll also become familiar with the different lock picks, how to improve them, and how to use them in unorthodox ways to quickly defeat locks. You'll learn what lock picks you should have in your tool kit, different lock picking techniques, and what locks you'll need to learn the art of lock picking FAST.

Bosnian Bill's lock picking course is comprised of 27 different modules. The modules are logically organized, contain no "fluff", and clearly describe and demonstrate each technique as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is, in short, the best and most thorough lock picking course you can get, and Lockpickshop is the only place you'll find it.

About has provided the law enforcement and first responder communities with lock picking, by-pass & auto-opening tools as well as a variety of training and tactical tools since 1998. We've established a loyal customer base and a strong reputation for service with many police departments across the US. All of our tools are made in the USA.

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